How do Code Breaker Treasure Hunts work?

Crack the code in the fastest time!

The aim of the Codebreaker Treasure Hunt is simple - you and your team mates have up to three hours to crack approximately thirty clues in a bid to be the quickest team to reveal the six digit Master Code.

These clues are based around a variety of key landmarks and other features of a city centre.

Simply reveal the Master Code before the other teams and text the correct answer to our treasure hunt messaging centre and the winning glory could be yours.


How does it work?

There are six coloured zones to complete, with each zone containing up to five clues (pictured right). These clues are based around key landmarks and other features of a city centre and are set in no particular order, making route planning essential!

Each of the six coloured zones reveals one digit of the six digit Master Code. Scratch these off from the scratchcard Answer Sheet to reveal your final answer! Text this final answer to the Treasure Hunt Control Centre and await your result……! If correct you will receive a message of congratulations and your confirmed finishing time. Get it wrong and you’ll have only one more chance!

Text to Victory!

The state-of-the-art text messaging technology allows your event to be self-run, offering you maximum flexibility and putting you in control. The text messaging feature allows you to:

•  Enter the game.

•  Create an amusing Team Name.

•  Request up to two lifelines for those clues that you just cannot crack!

•  Verify your six digit Master Code.

•  Confirm your official finishing time so that you can see which team has won.

This text messaging feature is free to use for UK phones in the UK!

Say Cheese!

The Code Breaker Treasure Hunt includes a set of optional photo challenges from which you can earn Bonus Time! This is your chance to get creative and use your imagination!

The Treasure Hunt Winner!

The team which completes the Takeaway correctly in the quickest overall time will be deemed the winner!

Prior to your Event

The Code Breaker Takeaway Treasure Hunt will be posted to the organiser two weeks prior to your event. The box will contain a ‘Team Pack’ for each team consisting of instructions, maps, question sheets, photo challenges, a scratchcard answer sheet and a six digit ‘User Code’ which is unique to the group.

On the day of your Event

On the day of your event, your group will need to divide themselves into teams of up to five participants, with each team receiving a ‘Team Pack’. Each team will nominate a captain who will need to text the ‘User Code’ to the Treasure Hunt Control Centre. This will set off a chain of automated text messages which will ‘manage’ your event from start to finish.

Current Locations

Code Breaker Takeaway Treasure Hunts are available throughout the UK and Europe.

Click here for a list of our UK locations
Click here for a list of our European locations.

Teams and Pricing

We recommend up to 5 participants per team. Click here for full details on our Prices for Team packs.

Things to remember

- Each team will need a fully charged mobile phone to use for texting. This text messaging feature is free-to-use for UK mobile phones in the UK. Mobile charges may apply for overseas phones.

- The Treasure Hunt takes place on foot so walking is involved. Suitable footwear and clothing is advised.